Hon. Paulino L. Viscayno

     On June 22, 1967, Paulino L. Viscayno was born in Sabang, Danao City. In my early years, my four younger brothers were entrusted with the care of my oldest brother and myself as well. We didn’t have the posh life that everyone else had when we were kids, so to have money for school, I had to gather scrap and go to a junkshop to exchange it for cash. Occasionally, I will capture some fish to provide us with nourishment. It’s challenging to care for a family member as a student, and I felt compelled to mature to support them. I completed my primary education at Sabang Elementary School and Danao National Vocational School, where I completed my high school education, which is currently referred to as CTU, or Cebu Technological University.

After finishing high school, I went on to pursue college at Cebu Central Colleges, which is now known as University of Cebu, or UC. I had to work at a rattan factory to pay for my studies. I spent my mornings at the manufacturing facility and my evening at school. And I was able to complete my two-year degree in electronics communication. Later on, I became an electrician after completing my education. I visited every residence to repair a few appliances and electrical issues. Years later, I found my devoted and stunning wife, to whom I was married in December 1995. Together, we had three lovely kids.

When I first entered politics in 2008, I ran for barangay councilor and finished in seventh place. Considering it was my first time, I was surprised to be chosen for the position. I ran for the same office again when my term ended and this time I came in first. However, the untimely death of the late barangay captain necessitated a new leader in 2023. 1 was appointed barangay captain of Sabang, Danao City that day, and it’s not easy position to hold since there are lot of factors to take into account. And I had recently been elected for the position as Liga ng mga Barangay President, a fresh obstacle in my life.

In the long run, my life has been a mosaic of events, each of which has shaped the person I am now. In addition to pursuing my career objectives, I also make it a point to give back to the community that has been so important in forming my identity. Throughout my life, I’ve remained receptive to fresh experiences and chances, ready to embrace uncharted territory and unearth the unwritten tales that may yet be discovered.