The term instantly correlates with the scenic sea view and landmarks.

The term is positive and it nurtures the dominant traits of Danao City’s sons and daughters- their good virtues.

It is very adaptable practically to all occasions and people whether in good times and in bad times.

It aptly describes the status of the City. It is a growing and rising city where its people and government continue to aspire for noble and higher goals. At the same time, its people need to look more into themselves to reach out to those who need genuine compassion and assistance in their efforts to wriggle out from their daily grinds.

It glowingly stamps on the concept of sharing and collaboration which society needs as foundation to become an even more productive and sustainable community.

It relates to the fundamental religious beliefs and practices in the Christian community. The term is akin to love and compassion.

The term ‘SIDLAK’ provides a fresh perspective and direction, both in life and governance that can eventually serve as functional platform for wealthier, progressive, modern, safe and clean Danao.

The profoundness of the term unravels by examining its synonyms. It means radiating; connecting, harmonizing or emitting a bright light. It means to excel, be outstanding, be brilliant and be successful.

It also stands as a model, epitome and beauty.

To shine means to profusely connect or touch with others. In this regard, one becomes a model to others.

There is a need for people to light the Earth and for humankind to become bearers or instruments of enlightenment- thus, for internal and external change.

The latest SIDLAK signage/marker is a one word – one design tagline that creates conversation. The signage is a constant reminder and a continuing conversation with the residents and passersby.

To those coming to Danao, SIDLAK means “Hello, Maam/Sir. Maayong pag-abot. Maayong pagbyahe diha kanimo.” To those exiting Danao, it means “Ayo-ayo Bay! Salamat sa pag-anhi ug maayong paglakaw.”

To those who are successful, it means “Congratulations kanimo. Maayo kaayo ang imong gibuhat. Malipay ang imong pamilya.”

To those forlorned, it means “Ayaw kaguol Bay. Be positive. Padayon gihapon.”

To those with uncertainties, it means “Ayaw pagduha-duha. Be strong. Things will be okay.”

To the students and the workers, it means “Banat gyud. Be good. Go for excellence. Dili maayo magtikdol-tikdol lang sa imuhang trabaho o pagtuon.”

To the rich, it means “Give back. Maayo nga mupaambit sa mga kabus.”

To those in government, it means “Do more to reach out to all the residents.”

To the residents, it means “Aduna kay matampo, magamay o madako, sa pagpalambo sa Danao. Let’s unite.”

On top of it all, the conversation takes on a daily basis. Repetition and reinforcement of values take place constantly.

Sidlak sa Pagkamaayo . Sidlak sa Pagkamaabiabihon. Sidlak sa Pagkamakugihon. Sidlak sa Pagkamadasigon. Sidlak sa Pagkamanghinatagon. Sidlak sa Pagkamatinabangon. Sidlak sa Pagkamaampuon. Sidlak sa Pagkamasinabtanon. Sidlak sa Pagkamatinudanon. Sidlak in many ways.