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DANAO CITY is the first town founded in the northeastern part of Cebu and is the second largest of the 13 territorial units of Cebu.

This third class component city is located at the center of the towns of Carmen to the north, Asturias and Balamban in the west, Compostela on the South and the Camotes Island to the east. more details

There was no concrete record to support the story on how Danao got its name. Although in the 1960’s there were circularized copies of a story about the legend. There were at least two legendary versions on the establishment of Danao as a municipio. more details

The Official Seal of the City of Danao is depicted in seven pictures shown therein:

First, the yellow background color and blue color of the letters represent the official colors of the City of Danao. more details

Danao city is located in the northern half of the province but close to the center near Cebu City, 33 km north of the Cebu Provincial Capitol. more details

he Official Seal of the City of Danao is depicted in seven pictures. more details

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In Danao, agricultural production has been able to keep pace with the increasing population at the expense of judicious use of natural resources, coupled with a growing population. more details