Mhel Stephen E. Batucan, born on January 24, 2000, is a dynamic person whose passion and dedication have led him to achieve greatness at the age of 23. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cebu Normal University, being one of the top students in his field and named Overall Top 9 in the College of Teacher Education’s Batch of 2023.

His commitment to the representation of youth is evident in his roles as Vice Chairman of the Danao City Youth Commission since 2022 and current SK Federation President of Danao City along with being the SK chairman of Barangay Cabungahan. His influence and leadership extend to various spheres, including his pivotal role as the currently serving President of the PYAP Cabungahan Chapter.

He is a proponent of organizational development and has held various leadership positions such as Cebu Normal University P.E.M.O (Physical Education Majors Organization) Organizational Mayor from 2022 to 2023, a position that indicates his dedication to promoting development and growth in different settings.

His exemplary leadership and organizational capabilities are further highlighted by his service as Overall Committee Chairman of the Cebu Normal University College of Teacher Education Project I.W.A.G from 2022 to 2023. His vision and perseverance have not been in vain because he has influenced even more by the projects that he created like L.U.G.W.A (Living Under Good Ways for Advancement) and Project C.H.A.M.P (Cabungahan for Health Advocacies towards Meaningful Progress).

Prior these great accomplishments, he was also a former Supreme Student Council Senator from 2021- 2022 where his innovative ideas and active approach made an indelible impression on his peers and the entire university community.

Mhel Stephen E. Batucan’s steadfast dedication to excellence, leadership and civic engagement signify his determination and potential. He is an encouraging leader who is determined to bring about a positive change while making a real impact on the world around him.