DON ROEL GIAN ARIAS, is a Licensed Professional Teacher with more than three decades of teaching and administrative experiences helping students as well as private and public administrators across various educational levels achieve their life’s aspirations. Specializing in Language and Letters alongside School and Public Administration, PANGGING, as he is popularly called by many, uses that expertise to never come in last in everything he does for the good of the greatest number of people in Danao City.

As a first termer of the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Danao, he focuses in making legislations, particularly in Education, that would redound to the welfare of many Danawanons. Pangging, being a holder of Doctorate Degrees in Education, Literature and Research has been able to put what he academically earned to good use. Over the years, his strengths as an educator have garnered some recognitions for producing quality individuals who are prime movers of innovation and development. Pangging spends his days at his work station, but it’s the challenges of the work and the glory of producing thriving accomplishments that drive him to be always productive.

When he is not engrossed in professional engagements, Pangging is an avid reader of local and international publications and he loves spending time listening to music and doing movie marathon.