CSWD Records of Barangay Inhabitants

The City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) visited Barangay Baliang today to conduct an orientation on the Records of Barangay Inhabitants (RBI) and Social Welfare Indicator (SWI) forms. The orientation was attended by the barangay coordinators, Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS), Barangay Health Workers (BHW), barangay PESO, purok officers and barangay officials. The purpose of continue reading : CSWD Records of Barangay Inhabitants

Financial Housekeeping

DANAO CITY, CONSISTENT AWARDEE OF GOOD FINANCIAL HOUSEKEEPING! The City’s recent 2022 Good Financial Housekeeping is testament of exemplary performance in sustaining good practice of fiscal accountability and transparency in local governance. Danao City is among the 12 Cities in the entire Region VII to pass.

Danao City’s Panagtigum

DANAO CITY’S PANAGTIGUM – A PLATFORM FOR THE GOVERNMENT AND RESIDENTS TO COME TOGETHER AND ACHIEVE COMMON GOALS The City Government of Danao, through the Barangay Affairs Office, has adopted a whole-of-government approach with the launch of “PANAGTIGUM: A Barangay Convention of Purok Officers.”, part of the MIKS Program which means “Mahinungdanong Impormasyon Kaayuhan ug mga continue reading : Danao City’s Panagtigum

The “Panagtigum: Barangay Convention Of Purok Officers”

The “Panagtigum: Barangay Convention of Purok Officers” continued yesterday at Barangay Tuburan Sur, with city officials including Mayor Mix and Vice Mayor Nito in attendance.The event aimed to train purok officers on their roles and responsibilities, gather feedback through an open forum, and strengthen the barangay and purok system, which serve as the backbone of continue reading : The “Panagtigum: Barangay Convention Of Purok Officers”

Empowering The Grassroots: Panagtigum Continues

The “Panagtigum: Barangay Convention of Purok Officers” arrived in Barangay Guinsay, bringing together the local community for an afternoon of training and discussion. For more details: CLICK HERE

Tatak Danawanon Awards

Service starts HERE and NOW: The “Tatak Danawanon Awards”, A Recognition of the Authentic Nature of Community Service. The 3-day “Sandurot Danawanon: A Barangay Day Celebration” has finally reached its climax today as the “Tatak Danawanon Awards” was held at the Danao City Civic Center. The culminating program honored barangays, organizations and individuals who have shown their continue reading : Tatak Danawanon Awards