• Addition of three (3) Drug-Cleared Barangays (Baliang, Dungga, Quisol) by
    Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) 7

  • Certificate of Authorization to Operate (Danao City Isolation Center).

  • Certificate of Accreditation to Danao City Isolation Center (Dunggoan Danao
    City) PhilHealth Accredited Community Isolation Unit.

  • City Engineering Completed 41 Projects by “Contract” and 66 by “Admin”

  • Served 2,368 constituents for Funeral, Medicine and Subsistence Assistance
  • Enacted and Passed ordinances and resolutions as measures to mitigate COVID-19.
  • Enacted 57 ordinances and Passes 313 Resolutions

  • Launched eRecords Management System with Paperless and Penless Session
    Conducted three (3) strategic planning and target setting for year 2021.
    Conducted 47 Regular and Eight (8) Special Sessions

  • Rabies Vaccination – 908 vaccinated dogs and cats
    Zero Rabies Victim Reported of the total 1,520 Bite Incident Report
    Confiscated 430.5 kilos of Dressed Chicken/hot meat
    Artificial Insemination Program:
    -A.I. Services (114 animals)
    -Impregnant Animal (79)
    -Offspring Produced (85)
    Distributed 2,500 Adult Quails under the City Government’s livelihood program
    for qualified constituents
    Distributed seven (7) Adult Dairy Cattle under the City Government’s livelihood
    program for qualified constituents
    Re-dispersal Program – 20 heads swine re-dispersal

  • Presence of three response units: Emergency Medical Services, Search and Rescue
    and Retrieval Unit, and Fire Service Unit.

  • 2,273 Emergency Medical Services, 21 Search and Rescue and Retrieval
    Operations, and 13 Fire Service Incidents extended not only for Danao City
    Residents but to other neighboring LGUs.

  • Extended services by providing transpositions to residents of the city undergoing
    Dialysis, Chemotherapy and medical laboratory

  • Recovery Rehabilitation and Utilization of QRF
    Established Emergency Operation Center (EOC)