Danao City Isolation Center (which is located at Barangay Dunggoan) has now the right certification from the Department of Health Central Visayas Center for Health Development.


This certification recognized our temporary Isolation Facility as an authorized Community Isolation Unit for COVID-19 patients. This made us further compliant on the Joint Administrative Order 2020-0001.


This would not be possible without the unified efforts from the different offices of our local government unit together with our partners in the national government, under the active leadership of Mayor Nito Durano and Vice Mayor Mix Durano.


Our existing Isolation Center in Barangay Dunggoan has 67 bed capacity. Aside from monitoring, daily needs of the patients like food, water, medicine/supplements, entertainment (TV) and internet connection are provided.


While we are using this as our temporary isolation center, construction of our multi-purpose building which will become our permanent isolation facility and evacuation center is ongoing.