(March 23) The Covid-19 Vaccination Program of the national government through the Department of Health coined as “Resbakuna” has already started in Danao City and other Local Government Units.

However, due to limited supply, the government has adopted a “prioritization” framework, allocating its first tranches of vaccines against COVID-19 to the national and local health facilities.

Just last week, some of the Health Workers in Cebu, both in public and private hospitals were already “COVID-19 vaccinated”.

Meanwhile in Danao City, some health workers from the Cebu Provincial Hospital (CPH)- Danao and MRM Hospital have already received their first shot.

After the hospital workers, frontliners from the City Government of Danao who are always exposed and are at risk of contracting the virus just like the health workers from the City Health and responders from the Rescue 211 will be vaccinated next. However, the vaccination will depend on the total COVID-19 vaccines that the DOH will allocate for the city.

This just means that only the DOH National Office can procure and distribute the vaccines. It is also the sole agency who can decide who will be vaccinated following their “prioritization” scheme. Thus, we just have to wait on when the public vaccination will start and what kind of vaccines that they will provide for us.

Even though we are still waiting for the vaccines, the Local Government Unit of Danao City is already finalizing its Local Vaccination Plan.

This Vaccination Plan contains important data such as the list of the priority groups in every barangay, target vaccination areas, health workers assigned for this task, and etc.

Since we are following the DOH’s “prioritization” protocol, not all residents will be vaccinated immediately. However, the national government is doing its best to vaccinate the majority of the population. The City Task Force encourages all the Danawanons to grab the opportunity to be vaccinated once the COVID-19 vaccines allocated for the Danawanons will be available.

Vaccination is an effective way for the city to achieve a “Herd Immunity” wherein the community will be protected and the virus will no longer be transmissible.

Keep posted for additional updates and development about this COVID-19 vaccination program.

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