Through the initiative and active leadership of City Mayor Ramon “Nito” Durano III and Vice Mayor Thomas Mark “Mix” Durano, the City Government of Danao has officially launched its PABAHAY PROGRAM which aims to provide decent and safe houses to underprivileged and “poorest of the poor” Danawanon families.

For the meantime, since the program is still on its pilot stage, one beneficiary per barangay will be catered first.

Each barangay will select and endorse their own beneficiary to the city. As part of the selection process, barangay officials will strictly assess their candidates to ensure that those in dire need of help will be prioritized.

To guarantee that the selected recipients are worthy of the slots, the city will then meticulously re-evaluate the beneficiaries based on the criteria set by the Ayuda Office.

Last October 28, 2021, Vice Mayor Mix Durano personally turned over the “Pabahay” to the first beneficiary in Barangay Langosig.

She is nanay Inagon Quileta Mayor, 81 years old, widowed. Despite her old age, she is the one tending and looking after her mentally-challenged daughter. According to nanay Inagon, the “Pabahay” is a huge help for her to finally live comfortably with her daughter.

Vice Mayor Mix Durano, on the other hand, stated that all the sweats and exhausting walk brought by the long and challenging way to nanay Inagon’s new home are all worth it after seeing her happy and thankful for the “Pabahay”.

Through the taxes and collaborative efforts of the City Government of Danao and the Barangays, this Pabahay Program was successfully launched.