It was year 2015 when the City Government of Danao has adopted the Sustainable Livelihood Program of the DSWD.

Since then, the city has started allocating funds for this to strengthen the skills, competencies, abilities and resources of poor Danawanon families and create an enabling environment for them to generate income and improve their socio-economic well-being.

 Following this, many Danawanons have benefitted from this life-changing program and just yesterday, 30 additional Danawanons from Barangay Taboc were given an income-generating opportunity through the P15,000 start-up capital funded by the city.

Prior to that, beneficiaries have undergone extensive Social Preparation Process such as Basic Business Management & Skills Development Training and Project Proposal Development.

This assistance, under the leadership of Mayor Nito and Vice Mix, shows how the City Government of Danao is forthright in implementing programs for the poor, vulnerable and marginalized Danawanons.

For more details about this program and other ongoing livelihood programs of the city, you may visit the City Social Welfare and Development Office from Monday to Friday (8AM-5PM).