The COVID-19 pandemic has become our city’s greatest challenge to date. This unforeseen pandemic is much more than a health crisis, it is also an unprecedented economic crisis.

Since its emergence, there was a significant drop in Danao City’s local revenue and a scorching increase on our city’s expenses.

The local government revenue came mostly from the taxes paid by the citizens and other business establishments within the city. However, because of the pandemic, the taxes collected by the city decreased while the city’s expenses drastically increased due to the additional programs and procurement of the city on its fight against COVID-19.

One of the usual expenses of the city is the monthly electric bill. To somehow lessen the current expenses, the local government of Danao City implemented “Energy Saving Measures” wherein local government offices reduces their light and air-conditioning usage.

According to the data forwarded by the City Accounting and Internal Audit Services Office (CAIASO), there was indeed a magnificent decrease in the city’s Gross Electrical Bill for the month of August (P2,850,540.28) compared to the month of February (P3,790,880.02). To compute, a whopping P940,337.74 or almost a million was saved by the city.

This just shows the effective energy saving measures of the city which started in the middle part of July 2020.