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Danao City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO)/ Rescue 211 is known for its fast and reliable emergency response unit. 

Aside from its well-trained and dedicated responders, what really aid them to be superb in emergency response are their various state-of-the-art equipments and facilities.

From their upgraded ambulance that houses the latest medical and trauma equipments, to their heavy duty stretchers, manlift truck, new Emergency Operation Center and Monitoring Information and Communication System Center, advanced Bluetooth CPR Dummy and AED Trainer that are useful for their efficient trainings, down to their additional Emergency Rescue substations in Barangay Lawaan and Masaba, CDRRMO really cope with the citizens’ increasing call for a swift and dependable emergency response unit.

And of course, these milestones would not be achieved without the initiative and active leadership of Mayor Nito Durano and Vice Mayor Mix Durano and the support coming from the taxes that you have paid, Danawanons.

CDRRMO vows to continue and even improve their current outstanding performance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Even the virus cannot stop their passion and commitment to serve the Danawanons.